We create INSPIRE compliant metadata for your datasets/services and deliver the xml files to you.

Datasets metadata will include both metadata for discovery (IR 1205/2008) and metadata for interoperability (IR 1089/2010 and subsequent…

We transform your source datasets into INSPIRE compliant datasets, according to the requirements contained in the INSPIRE Data Specifications.

We use HALE for…

We inspect your transformed gml files, we identify and report to you any non conformance issue and we provide support for solving.

We use the eENVplus Validation…

We set-up your CSW and host on our cloud your metadata catalogue (no matter if the metadata are created by you or by us).

We use GeoNetwork.

We set-up your WMS and your WFS and we host them on our cloud (no matter if the datasets are harmonized by you or by us).

We use GeoServer or…

Should our services not completely respond to your needs, we provide you with custom assistance.

We set-up your Re3gistry instance and we host them on our cloud.

We support managers to understand what INSPIRE requires and how to fulfil its obligations.

We support technicians to create their own metadata, to transform their datasets and to deploy their network services.