INSPIRE HELPDESK activities at the INSPIRE Conference 2017

The INSPIRE Helpdesk will be present to the INSPIRE Conference 2017 to support all INSPIRE implementers!

If you are planning to attend, don’t miss the opportunity to join us at booth B2 as well as to participate to workshops and presentations involving our helpdesk team:

Tuesday September 5

@ 9:00 am - Room A

Workshop (moderated by Giacomo Martirano) “geoICT SMEs as key-players in the INSPIRE driven innovation: the role of the smeSpire network”: 15 panelists representing the main INSPIRE stakeholders (DG-ENV, EEA, DG-JRC, INSPIRE National Contact Points, geoICT SMEs), will seat altogether “around a table” to answer key burning questions and to suggest directions to be taken for the future of our INSPIRE community.

Wednesday, September 6

@ 09:45 am - Room: Madrid II

Oral presentation (by Stefania Morrone) “The eENVplus Validation Service: a complete solution to validate INSPIRE Annex I, II , III datasets and INSPIRE extended schemas/datasets”:  most data validation tools provide a mere validation against requirements of the encoding schema, but the eENVplus Validation Service goes far beyond this, representing a complete solution for INSPIRE implementers.

@ 4:45 pm - Room: Amsterdam

Oral presentation (by Stefania Morrone) “INSPIRE as an effective tool for e - reporting: the EEA ' EU Registry on Industrial Sites ' data model”: can the EU Registry approach be considered a “win-win” deal, putting in practice the “once only” principle underpinning the INSPIRE Directive?

Friday, September 8

@ 9:30 am – Espace mini conference

Oral presentation (by Giacomo Martirano) “INSPIRE>>GIS pilots in Belgium and Italy: two practical examples of an effective support to National and Regional Environmental Agencies to fulfil INSPIRE obligations”.

@ 11:30 am - Room: Madrid II

Oral presentation (by Fabio Vinci) “INSPIRE data usability beyond formal conformance: what’s new one year later”:  what‘s new on cross-domain/cross-boundary data interoperability and usability?


Hope to see you at the INSPIRE 2017 Conference in Kehl and Strasbourg!


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