eENVplus Validation Service v3.0 released: the well-known online free validator steps up.

New functionalities available for the well-known online validator, broadly used by INSPIRE implementers to assess the conformance of their Annex I, II, III GML datasets through WFS GetFeature requests or from local resource!

What’s new:

  • Additional tests, bug fixing and improved results overview for the GML Test Suite, which aligns to latest version (v25) from the OGC CITE.
  • A new Test Suite for big datasets validation
  • Validation of INSPIRE-extended schemas
  • GML datasets validation against INSPIRE-extended schemas
  • Enriched schematron library with GeoSciML schematrons. Online validation is therefore available for GeoSciML dataset against OGC GeoSciML application schemas (v4.0 and v4.1) and GeoSciML schematron requirements (Basic, Lite, Borehole, Extended, INSPIRE vocabulary URI and INSPIRE mandatory elements).

Have a try!

Submitted bydanielrbanskion Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:05

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