Conformity to INSPIRE: 2nd webinar of the series “INSPIRE: what needs to happen in the next 12 months” (Free Webinar series, in Italian and English)

A series of free webinars are being organised by the INSPIRE Helpdesk of Epsilon Italia in collaboration with wetransform, to support those already involved and those that will be involved in the different implementation steps of the INSPIRE Directive.

In the second webinar, Giacomo Martirano (Senior INSPIRE expert at Epsilon Italia) and Thorsten Reitz (CEO of wetransform) have first presented the normative and technical reference documentation to follow in order to claim full conformity to INSPIRE.

Then after having shown “what to do”, they came to “how to do”, providing a step-by-step introduction to the ETF - the INSPIRE reference validator and concluding with an overview of the advanced validation functionalities of hale»connect, not only related to the ETF integration, but also to the possibility to test against national and/or custom requirements.

The webinar registration is available here.

The webinar slides can be downloaded here.